How to Play Hangman

Playing our hangman games should be pretty self-explanatory, but just in case you get stuck, here's a brief explanation:

First, you select a category; next, you choose one of the games within that category. (For the example below, I've picked the "Animals" hangman in the "For Kids" category."

How to Play Hangman

At the top of the game, you will see how many tries you have left. (This is instead of the "traditional" hangman picture that may be slightly less suitable for children...)

Next to the number of tries left, there is a lightbulb with the word "Hint" —you can click it if you get stuck, and one of the missing letters will be revealed. (N.B.: if you're playing one of the "hard" hangman games, you will not be able to get a hint.)

Next to the lightbulb, you will find a little cross and a stopwatch. You can click the cross to give up on the current word, and the answer will be revealed. Clicking the stopwatch will hide or reveal the time. In "regular" hangman games, that's the time you have spent so far (counting up); in "hard" hangman games, it is the remaining time (counting down).

Finally, there's a key symbol. If you click it, you can save the current game so that you can resume it later; if you had saved a game in the past, you can load it so that you can resume it now; or you can start a new game on the same topic. You can also switch sounds off or on.

You can suggest letters by clicking on the"letter bar" at the bottom of the game. The letter you've selected will disappear from the bar; if it occurs in the word, it will be shown in its correct position(s); if not, the number of tries left for this word will decrease by one. (In the example above, two letters have been suggested: "A", which occurs in third position, and "E", which does not occur in the word. Both letters have been removed from the letter bar, and the number of tries left has been decreased from five to four.)

Each game consists of three words, to emphasize skill over luck; at the end of each game, you will see how well you have done.

Happy Hangman Solving!