Who doesn't remember the old hangman game, where one player would think of a word, and you had to guess what it was by suggesting letters... Every time you picked a letter that wasn't in the word, the other player would draw the next element (head, torso, arms...) of the hangman picture, and if you didn't guess the word before the picture was complete, you'd lose.

Play Hangman Online

On this site, you can play hangman online. You don't need a second player, because the computer will pick the words; it will also tell you if the letters you suggest are part of the word (if so, you will see their locations), and it will keep track of the score.

We have a large collection of free hangman games in different categories, including hangman for kids, and several "seasonal" hangman games (e.g., Halloween Hangman and Christmas Hangman).

There are also hangman games for ESL students (i.e., students of English as a Second Language): they contain some of the most frequently used words in the English language, so that's a great, fun way to practice!

SAT* and GRE* students can test their skills with other games that feature much more difficult words.

Each game contains a large number of words or phrases, so that you can play many times without getting a word you have already seen.

You can save the game so that you can continue at a later time; and unless you're playing one of the "hard" hangman games (for true aficionados!), you can get hints.

Our hangman games differ slightly from the "original", in that they do not use the well-known hangman picture; instead, they simply show you the number of tries left (which may be more suitable for children).

Happing Hangman Solving!


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